Life @ Vibe

Meet An Inspiring Member 

Look at this fabulous husband and wife workout team, Chris and Paulette Hodson! They ramped up their cardio and resistance training to help them conquer the Indian Mountains!  They even kept up with the sherpas!  Keep up the good work Hodson team!
Meet the lovely Debbie Scoon. Debbie has been with us since the beginning, over 10 years ago! Keeping fit with classes, Personal Training Sessions and consistent program workouts. Even working through a traumatic shoulder injury. She is a star and inspiration . 
debbs pic

Meet The lovely Emily De Haan. Starting her mornings off on the treadmill, keeping up her cardio fitness helping her run out those footy games playing for the Emerald Bombers! She is also working on her core strength to help with her love for horse riding.
Emily is super consistent with her training and is a SUPER STAR!

emily d.h pic
 Meet the lovely Lisa Kennedy. Doing her Cross Trainer warm up. She is a cardio machine! Lisa is a regular at our RPM spin cycle class and currently training for Kakoda and Oxfam, all this while battling with injured knees! Lisa is always setting fitness goals and ticking them off her list! What an incredible inspirational woman! You are FAN-TAB-ULOUS Lisa!
lisa k
Meet the spectacular Suzanne Cambridge.
She has a list of goals, and has reached some already! She has even written up an exercise program for when she is on holidays. Now that is dedication. Suzanne is consistent with her exercise and consistent with that amazing smile! Thanks for lighting up our lives Suzanne here at #vibehealthandfitness.
suzanne c
Meet our fabulous member Carol McCoy and she has reached the 50 Programs Club! Wowwwweeee! With consistent tenacity Carol continues to reach her fitness goals. Incredible achievement Carol, you are an inspiration!!40635120_539751596464341_1539016386523766931_n(1)
Meet our inspirational members Craig and Mariela. Look at these guys go! They are team consistency, coming in rain, hail, shine and even on those frosty mornings. Always challenging themselves and each other. You are awesome guys!
inspir mem diaz
 Meet Peter Williamson. Peter is a super member always challenging himself physically and mentally. He has battled through severe knee injuries, physio and rehab and now back at the gym growing stronger everyday.
41499858_267316803917728_5136185274554980063_n(1) Meet Anne Benc, one of our fabulous members who has been with us from the beginning, over 11 years ago!! Anne is queen of cardio health and consistently works on her core strength. You are a super inspirational lady Anne!!
 Meet the beautiful Mother and Daughter duo Felicity and Leilani Simpson. These lovely ladies are super consistent, always working hard on technique, strength and cardio fitness. Wow you two are spectacular!!
 Meet the AMAZING Ange Arendse. Ange is a super busy working mum but always makes time in her day to come into Vibe Health And Fitness and do a hard-core workout! You are a true inspiration to us all Ange!
 Meet the amazing Kirsten Eakins. A long time member always training tenaciously on her cardio and strength. Kirsten is a regular Kakoda Challenge competitor and has won the 2 person team event this year!!!! In fact this is the third time Kirsten has won it! Wow! You are a fitness machine!! What an inspiration
Inspirational Member Alert!!! And what a beauty we have for you today. Meet the gorgeous Pat Crook who became a part of the VIBE family in 2007 when we launched our Active Adults program. Pat (also known as Postman Pat!) with consistent exercising and healthy lifestyle has achieved great things including dropping a couple of dress sizes and now being able to fully flex her knee and grab her foot, a true testament to personal goals. All the while loving her Active Adult classes at VIBE and making many friends along the way. What an amazing lady you are Pat!
Inspirational Member Time! Meet the amazing Colleen McKinnon ! A long time member Colleen has been super consistent with her training and classes and lost over 13kg! What a fabulous personal achievement and a true inspiration!
Inspirational Member Alert!!!! Boy do we have some AMAZING members. Meet Andrew Ferrier who just completed the ‘Great VIC Bike Ride ‘ a 5 day over 500km bicycle Ride from Bright to Benalla!!! WOW! Andrew regularly takes our Rpm classes and that certainly helped in his goal to concur 500km in 5 days! Fighting through some muscle soreness, particularly on the first couple of days and a punctured tyre,  Most importantly Andrew set a personal fitness goal, he trained for it, competed and completed! Now that is Inspirational!!!
Inspirational Member time! Meet the wonderful Wayne Stevenson. A little over 5 years ago Wayne survived a heart attack which prompted him to walk through our doors! Wayne is consistently here at the crack of dawn doing a workout to keep his heart and body strong. Well done Wayne, you are an inspiration.
Inspirational Member time, and what a fabulous member we have for you today!! Meet the gorgeous Silva Ireland who loves starting her workout by bouncing on the mini trampoline. This is such a great way to keep fit, burn calories and strengthen her bones, ligaments and tendons! She also is a regular at yoga and will even give Rpm spin class a go! What an incredible lady you are Silva!
 Meet the wonderful Hayden Crestani! Hayden joined us last year while doing his year 12 VCE, and found it hugely beneficial to work on his physical and mental health. He has worked on his cardio fitness, muscle development and definition, and is really enjoying working on his core strength, as we can see from his Ab Wheel Rollouts he smashing!! You are such an inspiration Hayden, and so lovely to have you in our VIBE family.
Meet the beautiful Liz Haywood, who has been with us for over 4 years now. She has been super consistent with her early morning training sessions and in the last couple of months Liz has been a regular in our lesmills rpm spin bike classes! She has noticed her cardio fitness go to the next level, in particular when she and her husband and friends go for a cycle around the ranges and Liz is the first one to reach the top of the peak, or hit the distance markers first! Liz is a fabulous example of having fitness goals and challenging yourself pays off in every day life! Well done Liz. You are such an inspiration!!