Life @ Vibe

Meet a Member Monday!
This morning we are lucky enough to meet one of our energetic Personal Trainers Doris! :)
Q.How did you get involved with Vibe?
10 years ago I walked into the doors, loved the vibe and joined up straight away!
Q.What are the best things abut Vibe?
Its a combination of lovely community members with caring trainers and awesome classes!
Q.What makes Vibe unique?
Vibe has a beautiful community/family feel. It makes you feel welcomed and comfortable.
Q.What is your favorite thing about living in the hills?
We are very blessed to be surrounded by beautiful trees, mountains, stunning wildlife and live amongst a great community.
Q.What is your favourite lower body exercise?
Love the fitball wall squat! So many variations and progressions, its a great challenge!
Q.What is your favourite upper body exercise?
Loving the dumbbell dropset shoulder press – feel the burn!
Q.Tell us something crazy about yourself!
I have a habit of talking to animals (like a human) sometimes even answering for them too!
Q.Something you do in your spare time?
I love doing refurbs with furniture in need! Give me an old chair, table, cabinet and I will give it a new life!
Q.Tell us about your role as a PT at Vibe.
I am very lucky to work in an industry that I love. I specialise in personal training in pilates and injury rehab.
If you just want to hit it hard and do a super cardio or strength training program – I am here to help!
** If you are interested in personal training, please drop in and meet Doris so she can help you with your health and fitness goals! **

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