“The friendly smiles and greetings and constant support when needed has made me thoroughly enjoy my experience working out here.” Ilse

“I have a fantastic program individually set for me which i find very challenging, it is helping me shed my baby kgs.” Melissa

“I have been assited in achieving results well beyond expectations.” Peter

“A happy, well versed, cheerful staff who are always willing to assist.” Michael

“Atmosphere is everything in a gym. Vibe has it all, great staff, friendly members and everything you need to keep you motivated and coming back” Glenn

“Great place to come no intimidation compared to other gyms and friendly staff.” Andrew

“What a great asset to our community. Well run, very friendly, professional and lots of fun.” Joe

“All staff are friendly and very helpful.” Leonie

“I was made to feel part of any group that i joined in on.” Margaret

“The last six weeks here have changed my life around.” Colleen

“I so enjoy feeling better about myself and just love the fun and laughs we have together.” Judy

“The best health decision i’ve ever made is to attend Active Adults.” Annte

“A wonderful combination of vigorous exercise and fun and laughter.” Dianne

“Love the Monday and Wednesday pump classes, they make the week have a lift. Thanks to Maxine and Tiff” Brigette

“I feel more motivated to improve my fitness since being a member at Vibe” Brodie

“Would not be as flexible or energetic without these classes.” Anita

“I couldn’t be happier with my membership and i have no hesitations in recommending Vibe to all my friends and family.” Melinda