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Class Of The Month

Our class of the month for November is RPM. This means all our amazing Vibe members can bring a friend along to one of our fabulous RPM  classes for FREE!

Our RPM Timetable is as follows:rpm timetable (2)


les-mills-rpm (1) rpm



The Great VIBE Bike Race Across Australia

Starts Nov 1st  – Finishes Dec 31st

The Great VIBE Bike Race Across Australia is here!! What a fabulous competition to be a part of. The race begins Nov 1st and finishes Dec 31st, with an AWESOME prize for the winner. Each RPM spin class you complete takes you a step further across our great land! The first person to cross the finish line wins! There are so many benefits when doing a spin class and studies have shown that doing RPM 3 x week helps with cardio health, strength, stamina and reduce body fat percentage! So join Annamarie and our fabulous RPM Instructors and sign up now for ‘The Great VIBE bike race across Australia! So come in to Vibe Health and Fitness and join in, and enjoy the ride!

annemaria bike aus map race race chalk1








Assault AirRunner

Have you tried our new Assault AirRunner yet?

Its like running on air and powered by your own two feet! It is the most bio-mechanically correct manual treadmill, and such a versatile way of training for all fitness levels, to improve speed, power and stamina. Offering a large variety of workout programs to challenge all the body’s energy systems and can boost calorie burning up to 30%. So come on into Vibe Health And Fitness and try the AirRunner today!



Evolt 360 Bioscanner

The Evolt 360 scan is a 60 second full body scan that will display skeletal mass, muscle mass etc. Once completed the scan, you can calculate your individual macronutrients via the Evolt Active app to further support your health and fitness journey. We are super excited to be able to help our members learn more about their body by using the body scan. To book an appointment, call 5968 2398 or send us an email enquiry: info@vibehealthandfitness.com.au 33642751_10216718010525436_5784775096023384064_n                 evolt scanner