What’s On

Class Of The Month

Our class of the month is Boxing!! This means for the whole month of March our lovely VIBE members can bring a friend for FREE to any one of our Boxing classes. So come in and join us on either a Monday evenings 6pm  or Thursday evenings at 6:30pm!
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What’s New?

We have a lovely NEW trainer Amber starting a NEW class! We are launching a MINI VIBES childrens fitness class starting on Monday 3rd  June. Every Monday and Thursday from 4pm-4:45pm all primary school kids aged 6+ can join in on a fabulous Fun and Fitness class. At a cost of $7.50 class, it is such great value and there are  limited spaces so please book to avoid missing out.


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Easter Bunny Hop Challenge Winners

Who will be our Easter Bunny Hop Champion? Our Winners are Mikayla Shurka with a spectacular Bunny hop of 200cm for the ladies section, and for the Gents the Amazing Sandy Barret hopped 254cm!!!!

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We have a secret to share….

The Easter bunny is coming in to hide some Easter eggs over the Easter break! Did anybody find them all?????????

Team Mikayla and Kelly certainly did, and found ALL 25 of them! Congratulations ladies!














Winners of our VIBE Moomba Royal Throne Squat Challenge

 Winners!!! We have crowned our King and Queen for our Moomba Throne Squat challenge in the over 50s category. The magnificent Queen Rhonda completed 72 squats and the wonderful King Geoff with 45!! Great Challenge,Great competitors and Great winners!













King and Queen of the throne squats in the under 50′s category are Holly and Sandy!! King Sandy completed 71 squats in a minute. Awesome effort. Winner of her category and the whole competition and winner of prizes is Queen Holly! For her fabulous effort of 79 squats in one minute, Holly won the grand prize of a massage voucher and evolt body scan valued at over $70! That is a Royal effort Holly and Sandy. Congratulations!



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Active Adults Over 50s Class

It’s important to maintain our fitness, strength, flexibility and to keep our muscles and bones strong. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do all this and have fun??!! Well you can in our wonderful Active Adults over 50s classes. So come and join us on Mondays through to Thursday’s at 11:30am for our fabulous Active Adults Classes! …and a cuppa and chat aswell.













What a wonderful 12th Birthday we had!!

Everyone put on their party hats and did a great workout. So much fun celebrating with our VIBE members.  LOVE OUR VIBE FAMILY


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Look at this fabulous Birthday hat that one of our beautiful members Sue made for the occasion.












Woooohooooo! Well done Fran McDougall on WINNING our ’12th Birthday Bring a Friend ‘ competition!!!!!!!!
Fran is certainly grinning as as she has won a DOUBLE 45min R.B.T session for herself and her friend valued at $65! 










Assault AirRunner

Have you tried our new Assault AirRunner yet? Its like running on air and powered by your own two feet! It is the most bio-mechanically correct manual treadmill, and such a versatile way of training for all fitness levels, to improve speed, power and stamina. Offering a large variety of workout programs to challenge all the body’s energy systems and can boost calorie burning up to 30%. So come on into Vibe Health And Fitness and try the AirRunner today!



Evolt 360 Bioscanner

The Evolt 360 scan is a 60 second full body scan that measures over 40 parameters  such as  skeletal mass, muscle mass, total body water, protein, body fat percentage, bone mineral content, visceral fat and much more! Once completed the scan, you can calculate your individual macronutrients via the Evolt Active app to further support your health and fitness journey. We are super excited to be able to help our members learn more about their body by using the body scan. To book an appointment, call 5968 2398 or send us an email enquiry: info@vibehealthandfitness.com.au

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