We have some very inspirational members at Vibe health and fitness.

Read their success stories here for some extra motivation!

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I wish to acknowledge the significant contribution to Vibe to the results I have achieved in overcoming surgery to my lower back. Vibe has provided constant advice, encouragement and care. The equipment and setting of Vibe is first class. I have been assisted in achieving result well beyond expectations. It means that I can safely resume work around my property as well as engage in the prolonged sitting necessary for professional activities, driving, travel and return to sport.  Rebuilding strength and power in my legs, abdomen and upper torso has improved my posture, balance and endurance. Stretching has increased flexibility and reduced cramping and most significantly, pain is reduced appreciably. Peter

“After feeling rather lost at the previous gym I had attended, the friendly smiles, greetings and constant support when needed has made me thoroughly enjoy my experience working out here. Having lived in Emerald 23 years it is great to see wonderful businesses like yours giving such a boost to the area.” Ilse

Originally I came to lose weight, 15kg all up and work with back, pelvis and shoulder injuries. I had physio, continued to strengthen my body with the guidance and support of my rehab trainer – Tiffany. I have enjoyed the “vibe” at Vibe and never looked back. Alesha