“I gave up cigarettes four years ago on a Saturday. The following Monday I joined Vibe Gym. I now enjoy being fitter, healthier and happier, thanks to Active Adults and Pilates classes. A big thank you to the instructors,Tiff, Maxine and Shauna and all my wonderful gym friends” – Jenny Garnett

“I’m at vibe twice a week with my exercise physiologist, the staff are great and it’s always a friendly environment”-Mandi Keck

“My experience at Vibe is one of the best choices l have made in my later life ,after retiring from my sport l wanted to find a new exercise regime to keep me fit ,and becoming a Vibe member has not only done that but also given me a new group of friends,we laugh a lot ,and l call it my second home,also all the staff are amazing people and l can’t praise them enough”-Rhonda Burkwood

“I absolutely love VIBE Health & Fitness. I have been a member for 2 and a half years and to me Vibe is another family! I love walking through the door and being greeted with a smile and a hello how are you?! I leave feeling energised and proud that i made the effort to go. Thank you to all the amazing staff for making me feel apart of your VIBE family!!”-Tanya Armstrong

“I’m new to the gym and love it. I love the body pump class and Tiffany makes it fun”-Sue Gretton

“Thanks Vibe, Today I have hit my first short term goal of 5kg weight loss, next goal starts tomorrow. Vibe has helped me achieve.” - Suzanne Cambridge

“The most caring helpful group of trainers who go out of their way to get you back on track after illness or operation etc , the group teams are also so supportive .Highly recommend to all age groups”- Anita Hunter

“I’ve been a back and forth member since opening. I keep coming back because everyone is so friendly and it is just so relaxed. I only left in the past due to change in work hours. Changed my hours so I could come back.” - Sonja Withoos

“I left for a while to achieve some personal goals & now I’m back! I was welcomed back with open arms. It’s like I never left! Bulking up now & training hard back at Vibe!!!!! -Fiona Khalil

“After moving to the Emerald area recently, I went looking for an exercise class that would be affordable and effective for my senior years. I popped into Vibe, was warmly welcomed by the staff, joined the active adults class and found a wonderful bunch of women who made me feel so welcome. My fitness levels, strength and wellness have improved thanks to the encouragement of all the staff at Vibe”  - Paulette Hodson

“The friendly smiles and greetings and constant support when needed has made me thoroughly enjoy my experience working out here.” -Ilse

“I have a fantastic program individually set for me which i find very challenging, it is helping me shed my baby kgs.” -Melissa

“I have been assisted in achieving results well beyond expectations.” -Peter

“A happy, well versed, cheerful staff who are always willing to assist.” -Michael

“Atmosphere is everything in a gym. Vibe has it all, great staff, friendly members and everything you need to keep you motivated and coming back” -Glenn

“Great place to come no intimidation compared to other gyms and friendly staff.”- Andrew

“What a great asset to our community. Well run, very friendly, professional and lots of fun.” -Joe

“All staff are friendly and very helpful.” -Leonie

“I was made to feel part of any group that i joined in on.” -Margaret

“The last six weeks here have changed my life around.” -Colleen

“I so enjoy feeling better about myself and just love the fun and laughs we have together.” -Judy

“The best health decision i’ve ever made is to attend Active Adults.”- Anne

“A wonderful combination of vigorous exercise and fun and laughter.” -Dianne

“Love the Monday and Wednesday pump classes, they make the week have a lift. Thanks to Maxine and Tiff” -Brigette

“I feel more motivated to improve my fitness since being a member at Vibe”- Brodie

“Would not be as flexible or energetic without these classes.” -Anita

“I couldn’t be happier with my membership and i have no hesitations in recommending Vibe to all my friends and family.” - Melinda